Comandos utiles para manipular VMWare via consola.

Task: Lists the virtual machines on the local server You can list all servers and config file, enter:# vmware-cmd -lOutput: /nas/vms/Ubuntu/Ubuntu.vmx/nas/vms/FreeBSD/FreeBSD.vmx/nas/vms/OpenBSD/OpenBSD.vmx/nas/vms/Debian4/Debian4.vmx/nas/vms/CentOS5/CentOS5.vmx Turn on VM / Power up VPS Just pas start option to vmware-cmd,# vmware-cmd /nas/vms/FreeBSD/FreeBSD.vmx start To stop VM/VPS, enter:# vmware-cmd /nas/vms/FreeBSD/FreeBSD.vmx stop To reset VM/VPS, enter:# vmware-cmd /nas/vms/FreeBSD/FreeBSD.vmx reset To suspend VM/VPS, enter:# […]

Convertir CUE/FLAC en MP3

So you downloaded an album in the cue/FLAC format (a cue sheet + a flac file) and I want to convert it to multiple mp3 files? Here’s what you need to do: Install the necessary software: audio-convert, gstreamer-flac, mp3splt. Assuming you’re using Ubuntu and have enabled the universe repository, open a terminal and type sudo […]