sp_generate_inserts para sql server 2008

http://vyaskn.tripod.com/code/generate_inserts_2005.txt stored procedure que crea inserts para una tabla X Usage: Example 1: To generate INSERT statements for table ‘titles’: EXEC sp_generate_inserts ‘titles’ Example 2: To ommit the column list in the INSERT statement: (Column list is included by default) NOTE: If you have too many columns, you are advised to ommit column list, as […]

Guia sobre WII

Launchers conocidos: SoftChip Backup Loader: es un .dol que se baja por ahi y se corre con el HomeBrew Channel. Puedes seleccionar que IOS utilizar para correr un juego.Hemos utilizado el “multicios” para instalar “37 with ios 37 IOS 232” y seleccionar la IOS 232 desde el SoftChip.Tengo configuradas las opciones de fix 002, la […]

BASH: Run tasks in the background

Run tasks in the background bash lets you runone or more tasks in the background, and selectively suspend or resume any ofthe current tasks (or “jobs”). To run a task in the background, addan ampersand (&) to the end of its command line. Here’s an example:bash> tail -f /var/log/messages &[1] 614Eachtask back-grounded in this manner […]

instalar git en centos

Instalando Git en Centos 5 Para comprobar si se tiene instalado Git, ejecutar: git –version Si no está instalado, puede instalarlo usando yum. Pero, en Centos 5, normalmente no está disponible un repositorio que contenga el paquete git. Para comprobarlo, como usuario root, en la consola de comandos, ejecute: yum install git Obtendrá un mensaje […]

Localizing PHP web sites using gettext

Contenido dehttp://mel.melaxis.com/devblog/2005/08/06/localizing-php-web-sites-using-gettext/ Developing multi language web sites using PHP is actually very easy. A common approach is having an include file for every supported language which contains an array that maps string ids to localized text (for example “WelcomeText” => “Welcome to our homepage.” would be included using something like ). However there are several […]