Eclipse y Tomcat en OSX

Howto install Tomcat with Eclipse IDE on MacOS X. What we need: Tomcat Eclipse JEE 1. Extract Eclipse into your Applicationfolder and Tomcat to your prefered location for example into your home directory. 2. change into the apache-tomcat-6.0.20/bin directory and make all .sh files executeable cd /apache-tomcat-6.0.20/binchmod +x *.sh 3. test if it starts ./ […]

Cómo hacer DUMP de mysql excluyendo ceirtas tablas o vistas

Primero armar un txt con las que queremos inluir en el backup:mysql -uroot -p -N information_schema -e “select table_name from tables where table_schema = ‘nombre_base’ AND table_name not like ‘%view’” > table_list.txt Luego corremos el backup a partir del txt:mysqldump -uroot -p nombre_base `cat table_list.txt` > mybackup.sql

How to set Bitbucket for Multiple Accounts

How to set Bitbucket for Multiple Accounts Just found the solution for adding multiple accounts to Bitbucket. The reason why it is not so straight forward is because one SSH key only can link up to one account. So if there is more than one account the method will be slightly different. Here is how the […]