WordPress admin is running so slow! Usually are network issues

After upgrading wordpress to 4.1 and installing a few plugins, my Admin area became un usably slow. WordPress checks for updates on every request! BAD IDEA So I edited the code under the function wp_update_plugins() near the call to “wp_remote_post()” to look like this: if ( defined( ‘DOING_CRON’ ) && DOING_CRON ) { $timeout = 30; } […]

How to change theme colour in Sublime Text 3

I’d recommend using PackageResourceViewer to open the file. You could make your modifications there, and it would save in the proper location to override the built in files. However, I would recommend copying the contents of the file and creating a custom version in your User folder. That way, you can easily move it around […]

My Sublime Text 3 PHP development set-up

Based in this post http://wasil.org/sublime-text-3-perfect-php-development-set-up, this my actually setup of sublime 3. Pack­age Con­trol (https://sublime.wbond.net) Thanks to this lit­tle piece of soft­ware all other plu­g­ins are eas­ily installed. Sub­lime­CodeIn­tel (https://github.com/SublimeCodeIntel/SublimeCodeIntel) This is pack­age I use all the time. Its job is to pro­vide hints related to func­tion, object, vari­able etc. names. It also hints what meth­ods and […]

Check MX record from command line

Nice command to check MX record from command line: [code language=”bash”] cat /var/named/yoursite.com.ar.db | grep MX [/code] And see: yoursite.com.ar. 14400 IN MX 20 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. yoursite.com.ar. 14400 IN MX 30 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. yoursite.com.ar. 14400 IN MX 40 ALT3.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. yoursite.com.ar. 14400 IN MX 50 ALT4.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. yoursite.com.ar. 14400 IN MX 10 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

Setting your email in Git

Setting your email address for every repository on your computer Open Terminal (for Mac and Linux users) or the command line (for Windows users). Set your email address with the following command: git config –global user.email “[email protected]” Confirm that you have set your email address correctly with the following command. git config –global user.email # […]