Automount smb shares on OSX Yosemite

Source: ronaldcs’s post on When googling how to do this, I found the tutorial shown above. It’s pretty well explained, although a bit convoluted, the option that actually works for Maverick and above is Option 4. Option 4 is very similar to Option 1, save that it uses a folder other than “Volumes”. This […]

Using vW units in LESS for a quick responsive on desktop.

Among px, em and %, CSS supports units such as “vw”, “vh”, “vmin” and “vmax”. These are called viewport units, and are effectively a percentage of the viewport. “vw” is relative to the viewport’s width. “vh” is relative to the viewport’s height. “vmin” is relative to the smallest of the two. (“vm” on old IE versions.) […]

Remove all those .DS_Store files

I don’t like committing .DS_Store files into my projects, so here’s an easy way to remove them: Run this from your project folder: # Recursively erase all .DS_Store files in this folder and below find . -name \.DS_Store -exec rm -v {} \;