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digital product projects


Real Estate, but make it simple

Everhome is a technology-driven Real Estate agency based in California. We helped them to optimize the process of selling Real Estate properties.


The Real Estate market in the US keeps growing and breaking records every year. However, from the user perspective buying or selling a property is an intricate process that can easily become a paperwork nightmare. Our challenge was to analyze the process for everyone that is looking to sell or buy a real estate property in California, and then come up with a simpler solution.


Product strategy

Product design

Software development

From a complex process to a flawless interface


We build a product that optimizes the experience of listing properties with a simpler, clear, and user-friendly interface that will be the centerpiece of Everhome’s business.

it’s all about business

How we helped Everhome

Fast development, high quality

They needed an up and running MVP to start testing their solution with users. Our mobile-first approach allowed them to move fast with a solid foundation.

Investor ready digital product

With a clear product strategy, we were able to deliver a product that helped Everhome to raise funding from investors.

A new type of Real Estate seller

With a renovated digital experience Everhome is now able to capitalize on digital natives to grow their business.


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AgTech, community moderation widgets, online delivery, ecommerce, aerospatial software. You name it, we’ve probably done it. After 12 years in the business, these are just a few of the projects that make us proud.

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