The GM2 Culture

A team of creatives, amazing coders, doers, and especially great people GM2 was born with the idea of building a company with people that love their craft.



Inside the team

Our team covers every aspect of software and product development, this is the easy part.

After 12 years of experience in the software industry, we learned that our value comes from making things happen. That’s why work hard to bring world-class agile project management, tech operations, and strategy that goes beyond frameworks and technologies.

We are in the business
of empowering other businesses
through technology.


From idea to a fully functional
product. We go above and beyond to
make it happen.

The team

The Team

The team is our #1 priority, we invest a lot of time and money to take care of the #GM2Team.

We partner our clients

We Partner our clients

As team members we are there through ups and downs, we focus all our experience and knowledge on going along through all our client’s challenges.

Our values

Our values

Values are really important for us. We strive to get it right. Always.

Sustainability & social impact

Sustainability & Social Impact

Sustainability & Social Impact. Besides using solar panels and energy-efficient technology. We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and the use of software to make the worlda better place.

About GM2

Some metrics


Years of experience

In the software



Building amazing digital



Delivered and enjoyed!


Cups of coffee

We love a good old cup of
black coffee

The blog

Always learning and sharing

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