Upgrade your forms and data collection on mobile devices

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or the owner of a small business. In 2020 your customer expects a flawless experience when is using your product or service especially when we are talking about mobile users. They want something secure, fast, and easy to use. 

That’s why we usually recommend using tools that are specially created to achieve those goals. When we talk about forms and automated workflows on mobile, these are a few of our favorites to use: 

Do Forms

Plans start at 9.95$ per month

Do Forms is for you if you are a small to midsize business. They will handle almost everything for you, from building a simple form to multiple business integrations with price books, employment lists, or any other task-critical data into your forms. They also allow you to include audio, videos, pictures to your mobile forms. 

Their feature list shows how complete this tool is, you can see it here. 

Forms on fire

Plans start at 25$ per month

If you’re looking for a no-code workflow platform for desktop and mobile devices, you should check Forms on Fire. They have one of the highest-rated customer support in the industry and their tool is easy to use and well designed. Check the full feature list in here

Formstack Forms

Plans start at 19$ per month

They allow you to create online forms without knowing how to code. With an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder and a lot of templates at your disposal. From sending email notifications to projects approvals their powerful automation will help you to upgrade your productivity. Check here their full suite of solutions. 

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