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We are a leading digital transformation services company, helping drive new opportunities and being an innovative partner to foster the progress of our community.
What sets us apart is our strong dedication to providing top-notch solutions.
Our history

From an innovative idea to a global company

Back in 2008, two college friends came up with an idea that would transform their lives forever: 
They decided to start a company that would provide innovative solutions to drive new opportunities and help people and organizations evolve.

That’s how GM2 was born. Our founders poured their hearts and souls into it, and 15 years later, these two friends have successfully established a global company with offices and a talented workforce operating across various regions.

The story of GM2 is an inspiring tale of two friends who dared to dream big and turned their vision into reality. GM2 continues to thrive, driven by the same values of innovation, quality, and client satisfaction that inspired its creation.
And who knows what the future holds? Perhaps you could be part of this story, too…
Our values

A culture to success

Our values are not just words, they are the principles that help us generate a unified criterion so that the GM2 culture transcends from generation to generation, regardless of the client or team we work with. Values ​​help us generate trust in all the people who work at GM2, because they are the framework that guides us to all go in the same direction and achieve our goals and mission.
We innovate
We always look for a solution for everything and if it doesn't exist, we invent it. We go beyond, investigate, and evaluate different ways of doing things.
We care
Been empathic is one of our main values, we care about being present and available. We are respectful, transparent, considerate, and we care about people. We communicate in a friendly, clear, and approachable way. We respect individual differences, beliefs, tastes, and ideologies.
We’re Client Centric
We are approachable, respectful, and we earn the respect and trust of our clients every day. We focus on understanding the client's needs.
We’re Team Players
We are humble and learn together, egos are not part of the team. We accompany the teams' strategy to achieve the proposed objectives. We share knowledge, best practices, and learnings.
We keep improving
Changes are an opportunity to adapt and generate improvements. We focus on maintaining and generating processes that add value.
We own it
We commit to our responsibilities. We feel the mission and vision of our area as our own.

Leading the way with top-tier talent

We foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, and believe that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. That's why our leadership team is composed of top-tier talent from diverse backgrounds, who bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table.

Gabi Molina
Gabriel Molina

Co-Founder & CEO

Gonzalo Escribano
Gonzalo Escribano

Co-Founder & COO

Juli Saltari
Julia Saltari

Product Manager

Nahuel Novo
Nahuel Novo

Product Manager

Pablo Arribas
Pablo Arribas

Product Manager

Paula Romero
Paula Romero Krause

Service Delivery Manager

Ramiro Graziano
Ramiro Graziano

Engineering Director

Viviana Bello
Viviana Bello

Qa Technical Manager

Kevin Coudures
Kevin Coudures Zenz

Product Design Manager

Manuel Alonso
Manuel Alonso

Industrial Automation Manager

Flor Luque
Florencia Luque

People and Culture Manager

Eduardo Rosello
Eduardo Fernandez Rostello

Sales Manager

Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres

Finance Manager

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